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Just getting started

A new season of creating is coming to life.

But, as one season begins, another ends. I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge with gratitude what I have been up to.

Where have I been?

Collaboration is inherent in doing what I love. It is entwined with the music itself. Over the past few months, I have had the amazing privilege of working with friends both old and new.

On the composing front, I’ve recently finished a series of orchestral tunes for 37tv, a multimedia TV outlet based in Qatar. The channel is designated for the country’s English speaking audience and includes news, sports, and shows like New Girl, House of Cards, & Better Call Saul. Think ABC—but in Qatar. The music is a hybrid of western orchestral motifs mixed with melodic and rhythmic elements of Middle Eastern music. It was certainly new territory to explore.

Additionally, I’ve made some new friends at The Frame Theory, a Nashville-based production company that I scored the new Condition One spot for. The FT team is as talented as it is professional. I am excited to already be discussing upcoming projects with them.

This year has been an amazing year of growth as a producer. Many new singles are currently rolling out from such talented friends— Crushed Fruit, Kylie Diehl, Liokness, Cecelia Bellissimo, Dr Infinity, and Lord & Lady. Each of these artists possesses a unique voice and each has been a dream to work with. I could write pages for each of them.

What’s happening now?

From my home studio, I’ve begun tinkering away at a few things that I’m stoked to share with you.

There have been rumors circulating that Netflix will be releasing content that makes use of a “choose your own story” feature. Everything from “choose your own ending” to “choose your own character arc.” Well, here’s both a confirmation and a spin on it. I am proud to announce that starting this month, I am scoring ON HIS OWN, a feature film that will be available on Netflix that exhibits “choose your own music.” The 72-minute piece will have music throughout with no dialogue. It is the 2018 equivalent of a silent film—utilizing iMessage text in place of the black and white text cards of the 20’s and 30’s. The film is beautifully shot in 4K with bright coloring and dynamic cinematography. The story focuses on a day in the life of a man named Oscar and his rubber duck. When the director explained it, I was instantly sold. This score will also be available for listening on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, GooglePlay, Bandcamp, etc.

Last year, I wrote a musical entitled MONOTONY with writer Sarah Luery. Having spent the better part of a year pursuing staging opportunities, we have now zeroed in on a medium that is currently experiencing renaissance: the podcast. Just as many musicals have now been made accessible for streaming, so we wish to make this story and its music as accessible as possible. I have already begun recording the orchestral arrangements for some of the preliminary numbers and will be bringing in actors for singing and voice-over at the beginning of 2019. Something to absolutely be on the lookout for.

Where to?

Some other projects await down the pipeline as well, but I’ll save those for now and share them as they come.

I thank God everyday that I get to do what I do where I am and with the people I meet. It’s all so surreal and the future looks so bright and beautiful. I never guessed any of this would be possible at 25. I love it, I’m about it, and I feel like I’m barely scratching the surface.

We’re just getting started.

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